Thank you for your service.

I really can’t thank you enough. I know that you wouldn’t be here without me. We’re doing something great. Trust me, I’m doing something great and you’re a part of it now.

Getting here wasn’t easy. We’ve both been through a lot to get here, but boy has it been worth it.

While you were sweating in the mud in Parris Island, I too was getting a world-class education. So many great lessons we learned back then, you and I. I’m proud to be on this stage, this grand stage. You should be proud to be here with me.

While you were wading through rice paddies, I was sipping Martinis and practicing my firm handshake. A firm handshake shows people how tough you are. Here, shake it. Isn’t it firm? People like you love me. All people love me.

While you were digging fighting holes in Cam Lộ, I was laying foundations in New York. I wasn’t laying them myself, mind you. I have people for that. It’s great to have people for things.

While you were kneeling next to your best friend, applying pressure to his sucking chest wound as his life bled out through your hands, I was chasing some world-class trim. You wouldn’t believe the things these girls would do to a guy. Just show them some money, just a little bit of money, and the legs open, the mouth opens, everything’s open. Opens these girls right up.

While you were staring down the barrel of a rifle at another human being and focusing on the front sight and exhaling and squeezing the trigger, I was closing deals. I was closing the best deals, right here in America. Some of the most stressful work, let me tell you, and I slept like a baby after, every time.


While you were building an empire, I was building an empire.

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