How does she even get off these days?

She probably watches the porn where the woman is the boss and the guy is the employee, and she makes the guy strip down buck naked, and she ties him to a desk or a chair or something, and then she starts beating the shit out of him. Like really the living daylights, she’s got his belt and she’s whipping him with it, and it’s raising welts, and it’s breaking skin, and eventually his whole back is a total mess, and he’s crying out, and she does something crazy like grab a desk lamp and start bashing in his teeth, and he’s totally bleeding out of his mouth, and when it gets to the point where you think the dude’s life is actually in danger she yells out “who’s the president now??” and then the dude ejaculates, like a close up shot of his apparatus quivering and everything, and the he passes out and you can hear someone off-camera asking if they should call 911 and it ends with the camera slowly zooming in on the woman’s face as she has this bizarre smile.

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